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Green CleanAlgae: Every pool owner at one time or another has done battle with pool algae. Algae can enter the water through wind, rain, landscape debris or even contaminated equipment and swim suits. When conditions are right: warm water, sunlight, poor chemistry, inadequate circulation or filtration, algae can seemingly appear over night.

Common Pool Algae:

Green Algae: Probably the most common type of pool algae, Green Algae is found on pool walls and surfaces, it reduces water clarity, imparting a clear green color to the water.

Yellow Algae: Sometimes called Mustard Algae, it is a yellow and greenish algae usually found on the shady side of the pool clinging to walls and surfaces. Yellow Algae is hard to eradicate, homeowners often spend a season fighting it as it is resistant to normal chlorine levels.

Black Algae: The most difficult type of algae to eradicate, Black Algae appears as small black or dark green/blue spots on surfaces. Most common in plaster pools, it will bury it’s roots directly into the plaster though prevention, through regular Weekly Service, is the best defense.

Our staff: will Evaluate and remediate the source of the problem – poor chemistry, equipment problems, dirty filters resulting in poor circulation, etc. Use a variety of chemical agents to treat the problem and eliminate the algae.

If you catch it quickly enough, shock treatments and running the pump continuously can kill the algae and turn your pool from swampy green back to sparkling blue. However, leaving a green pool untreated for even a couple of days may require methods that are more aggressive. Your pool may even need to be drained, scrubbed, refilled, and balanced.

If your pool needs a “green clean,” call Pool Service Gilbert. One of our techs will inspect your pool, advise you what the water needs to go from green to clean, and provide an estimate for the service.

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