Arizona Backyard Ideas With Pool
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8 Arizona Backyard Ideas With Pool

Arizona Backyard Ideas With Pool How can you take your pool area to the next level? Well, if you are searching for “arizona backyard ideas with pool“, we’ve got a few suggestions for you!

Best Backyard Pool Ideas

This article will cover these backyard pool ideas to create a beautiful area for your family:
  • Poolside Seating
  • Surround Pool With Rocks
  • Build Structures¬†
  • Add Shade
  • Cacti
  • Brighten Area With Flowers
  • Raised Bed
  • Artificial Grass/Turf

Poolside Seats

1. Poolside Seating

Adding a pool to your backyard is about more than just swimming. A well-furnished seating area creates a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere for all those enjoying the pool. A large seating area can make for hosting neighborhood events and gatherings or simply a relaxing weekend day with the family.

2. Surround Pool With Rocks

Rock features built into the pool or pool area can be an expensive option at times. Luckily for Arizona homeowners, there is another way to implement this classy look. You can simply purchase rocks or boulders and neatly place them around the water. Smaller rocks nestled against flowers or even large boulders outlining the pool can be aesthetically pleasing for all.

3. Build Structures

Both pergolas and trellises are great ways to increase vertical interest in the backyard surrounding the water. Additionally, this is one of the best ways to incorporate much-needed shade into the area. Protect yourself from the Arizona sun and give yourself some privacy from neighbors with these structures.

4. Add Shade

While the pool itself will help you deal with the extreme summer weather, it never hurts to add more shade to the backyard. Shade needs to be a priority for any homeowner in the valley of the sun. Of course, try to choose trees or shrubs that either complement or add to the unique look of your yard. Adding trees that keep shedding to a minimum is recommended.

Pool Shade

5. Cacti

Arizona backyard landscaping is not complete without cacti and succulents. Cacti can even be coupled with any sort of rocks added to the property. Consider size whenever you are shopping for succulents. Do you want several smaller plants or just a few large ones? Either way, this will spruce up your backyard landscaping.

6. Brighten Area With Flowers

Annuals and perennials are a great way to spruce up any area, especially when surrounding your backyard pool. Flowers will add more than enough color to area. Always check with the professionals for suggestions on which flowers will grow best near a saltwater or chlorine pool.

7. Raised Bed

In-ground horizontal pools always need some height. One of the best pool deck landscaping additions is a raised bed around the water. This is a great way for your pool to attract the attention it deserves.

8. Artificial Grass/Turf

Maintaining a green turf in the harsh Arizona climate can be next to impossible. But, don’t let that stop you from laying down some artificial turf in your backyard. Water always looks great next to green grass. Plus, there is no limit to what you can add/build on top of the turf once it is installed.

Artificial Turf

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