How Long To Run Pool Pump In Summer
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How Long To Run Pool Pump In Summer

How Long To Run Pool Pump In Summer

Typically, pool owners should run their pool pumps 6-8 hours per day during the winter and 10-12 hours per day during the summer.

How Long To Run Pool Pump On Average

A pool pump is one of the most essential parts of a pool’s circulation system. The pump will help filter dirt, debris and produce chlorine, at the same time. It’s crucial to know how to best utilize your pump and filter during the different seasons. Changes in weather can ultimately affect how you maintain these tools.

For example, it’s best to run your pool pump between 10-12 hours during the summertime. You must run the pump for a longer amount of time during the summer because more algae will grow in warm temperatures. Longer run time for the pump will help filter out algae, which can lead to build up of debris and bacteria in your pool.

How To Calculate Pool Pump Run Time

Every swimming pool is unique, whether it’s inground or above ground. To calculate how long to run the pump, you need to factor in the type of pool, size, how often the pool is used and how much debris the pool typically collects.

Calculate the exact run time by knowing your pool’s volume (length x width x depth). Most swimming pools are between 40,000-100,000 liters in volume. Once the volume capacity has been figured out, compare it to the pump output and calculate the minimum number of hours the pump needs to be run. For instance, a 60,000 liter pool with a pump running at 200 liters per minute needs to run for at least 5 hours time.

Professionals recommend running your pump for at least one turnover every 24 hours. It is not a bad idea to have two turnovers during summertime to preserve the pool’s water quality.

When To Run Your Pool Pump

The best time to run your swimming pool pump is during the hottest hour of each day. Be mindful that this will also mean you’ll have higher energy consumption, leading to an increased electric bill.

If you wish to save on energy costs, the best idea would be to run the pump during night hours. It is okay to run your pool pump overnight while the pool is not being used.


Running the pool pump is necessary, but it isn’t the only way to keep up with maintenance of the water. Using other equipment, such as a pool cover or vacuum, will also help keep out debris and dirt. The pool filter should be cleaned once or twice per week. 

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