How To Backwash A DE Filter
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How To Backwash A DE Filter

How To Backwash A DE Filter

If you are searching for “how to backwash a de filter“, we’re here to provide you with a step-by-step guide. Backwashing a DE (diatomaceous earth) filter means you are reversing water flow in order to clean out any dirt or debris that has accumulated over time.

What Is A DE Filter?

DE is skeletons of fossilized single cell organisms called diatoms. A white powder is added to the filter, creating a DE cake. This latches itself onto the grid inside of the filter. The cake is what is utilized to filter out any fine particles that have entered the area. Typically, DE filters do have a lot of maintenance needs, but they are the most effective filters on the market today.

How To Backwash DE Filter

Follow these steps to backwash your DE filter:

  • Turn the power to the filter system off, then turn the multi-position valve to “backwash” or pull open to twist the pull or push valve on the backwash gate, if necessary.
  • Turn the filter system on and let it run for a good two minutes. This will wash the water out of the backwash port or valve. 
  • Shut the filter system down after a few minutes of running. If you have a multi-position valve, turn it to rinse and let the filter run again for another minute. 
  • Turn the system off one more time and turn the multi-position valve to filter. Then shut the pull or push valve completely.
  • Turn the filter on, adding more DE powder to the skimmer basket. 
  • Make sure you have read/followed the filter instructions before adding the DE powder.

When Should You Backwash A DE Filter?

Once your meter goes up by 9-10 pounds beyond normal starting pressure, it is indeed time to backwash the DE filter. For example, if the starting pressure is 10psi and it now reads 20psi, a backwashing is necessary. It never hurts to backwash the filter early, simply as a preventative measure.

How Often Should You Backwash The Filter?

As mentioned above, your DE pressure gauge will let you know when the time is right for a backwash. The pressure gauge is there to notify you when the pressure is too high. Pressure typically builds up due to dirt and debris collection within the filter. The more debris present, the higher the pressure will go.

How Much DE Should You Add After Backwashing The Filter?

Begin by figuring out the square footage of your filter. This information should be located on the side of the tank. If you cannot find it, search online or contact the manufacturer. DE is generally measured in pounds, so possessing a 1-pound DE scoop is a good idea. If you do not have this scoop, try using a 1-pound coffee can instead.

How To Backwash Hayward DE Filters

Turn the Hayward system off and twist the backwash valve until it is open. Use the bump handle to bump the filter 15 times. Perform this task slowly. Keep the valve open, then turn the system back on and let it run for a couple minutes. Then turn the system off again and repeat the same steps. Finish by turning the system down and closing the valve. Add more DE powder to your skimmer basket and start the system up again.

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