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5 Common Pool Problems

5 Common Pool Problems

When you are searching for common pool problems and how to fix them when they come up arise, Pool Service Gilbert is here to help! Keep read to find out more about 5 common pool problems and how to fix them.

Algae Growth

A pool in good health should appear as a clear or bluish tone. Yet, we have all noticed pools that appear cloudy and green over time. A pool that turns green has usually been overtaken with hazardous algae. This is one the more common pool problems that homeowners are going to encounter. Typically, algae are going to affect pools with a chlorine level that is lower than recommended.

The Prevention of Algae Growth

  • Call an experienced pool service when you’re not comfortable taking on this task.
  • Following the algae being eliminated, increase the pools chlorine levels.
  • Keep adding chlorine to hinder future algae growth.

Clogged Pool Filters

Your pool circulates its water, and with the circulation it could eventually be disrupted when the pool filter becomes clogged. This can happen if a pool isn’t being regularly maintained. Debris such as dirt, insects and leaves can clog the filter, making it become ineffective. Examine the filter when you happen to see more debris than you typically see in your pool.

Fixing A Clogged Pool Filter

  • Clear out the pool filter and pool.
  • Regularly clear debris from the area to hinder future problems.

Low Or High pH

Safe pH levels for swimming pool water are between 7.2 and 7.6. Any level that is below or above this those can cause irritated eyes, throat, and skin. You can find out your pH level in your pool by testing it regularly. Balance the pH using pool chemicals, when required.

How To Fix pH Levels

  • Regularly test you pools pH level.
  • Balance the pH level with the addition of pool chemicals.

Overabundance of Chlorine

Whereas chlorine is needed to hinder the growth of algae, an overabundance of chlorine can be almost as hazardous as algae. Signs of an overabundance chlorine is going to include having a hard time seeing underwater and/or severe eye irritation.

How To Remedy Chlorine Levels

  • Continually measure your pools chlorine levels using test strips, kits, or readers.

Cloudy Water

Every homeowner wants their pool to be crystal clear, but some notice a blanket of haze is hovering above the pool water. The most common reason for this is probably a bacteria build-up in the pool water. Be sure to test your chlorine levels in these cases. When your chlorine levels are low, bacteria are not going to be eliminated effectively.

How To Fix Cloudy Pool Water

  • Regularly test your pools chlorine levels.
  • Add chemicals, when required.

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