How To Replace A Pool Pump
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How To Replace A Pool Pump

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Are you planning on replacing a pool pump for your latest DIY project? Follow our five steps below!

Step 1. Turn Off Power

Disconnecting the pump from the power source is the first step to take when replacing the pump. The safest way to do this is by simply switching the appropriate circuit breaker to the OFF position. After power is turned off, test the pool pump just to make sure it is, indeed, off.

Step 2. Disconnect/Remove Pump

Once the power is turned off, remove the motor cover, then disconnect all electrical wiring to the pump. Disconnect all plumbing connections to the old pump next. Use an adjustable wrench to make this part of the process easier. Ensure that you do not damage any of these parts, as they will be used for the replacement pump. Once you have disconnected the old pump, remove it from the area entirely.

Step 3. Connect The New Pump

After removing the cover of the motor, connect all electrical wires to the new pump. After all parts are connected, you can turn on the new pump to make sure it’s working properly.

Step 4. Turn Power On

To start, make sure the power switch on the pump is in the OFF position. Then, turn the appropriate circuit breaker to the ON position.

Step 5. Prime The New Pump

Fill the new pump up with water, ensuring the pump trap is full. Watch to make sure the water moves through the suction lines of the pump once the pump is flipped on. Then, open the inlet shutoff valves until water circulates throughout the entire pump. Your new pump is now ready for use!

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Pool Pump?

Owning a pool involves routine maintenance, comprising of repairing the pool liner, repairing the pool heater, and replacing the pool pump. Your pool pump is a vital component of the pool’s filtration system, and as time goes on, they wear out. On average, higher quality pool pumps should be replaced every 8 to twelve years.

If you do it yourself it includes the cost of the replacement pool pump, which could run from $150 to $800 or more subject to the kind of pump. When you hire a professional, the cost includes the cost of labor, that is an added $80 to $200.

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