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What Size Sand Filter Do I Need For My Above Ground Pool?


If you are searching for “what size sand filter do I need for my above ground pool,” then this post is for you! The size of the sand filter is very much dependent on pool size and shape. Let’s take a look at how one should go about choosing and cleaning a filter.

What is the Correct Size Pool Filter for My Above Ground Pool?

When deciding on a pool filter for your above ground pool swimming pool, a useful tip is to pick one that is at least 1 sq. ft. for a 10,000-gallon pool capacity.

For instance, a 16” sand filtered system has a 1.55″ sq. ft filtered area, making it ideal for a 15,000- gallon pool.

What Are Recommended Pool Pump Sized For My Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Round above ground swimming pools:

  • Swimming pools up to 24 ft. around, a 1 horsepower pool pump is needed.
  • Swimming pools over 24 ft. around, a 1.5 horsepower pool pump is needed.

Oval above ground swimming pools:

  • Oval swimming pools up to 15 × 30 ft., a 1 horsepower pool pump is needed.
  • Oval swimming pools over 15 × 30 ft., a 1.5 horsepower pool pump is needed.

Cleaning Your Sand Filter

1. Preparing to Backwash

  • Check your pressure gauges.
  • Turn off the pump (and circuit breaker switched off.
  • Change the setting on your pool filter valve.
  • Position your waste hose.

2. Backwashing the Filter

  • Run the pump for two minutes.
  • Watch the sight glass.
  • Turn the pump back off.

3. Performing a Final Rinse

  • Switch to the “rinse” setting.
  • Return to the “filter” setting.
  • Check your gauges again.

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