How To Drain A Pool
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How To Drain A Pool

You should drain your pool once every few years. This will guide you through the draining process in five simple steps.

How To Drain A Swimming Pool In 5 Steps

Here are five steps to follow when a draining a pool yourself:

Step 1: Install A Submersible Pump

A regular pool pump is not good enough for this task. Regular pumps are designed to suck in water, so as soon as the pool begins to drain, the pump will take in air instead. This could lead to permanent pump damages. Renting or purchasing a submersible pump is worth the investment here.

First, make sure your power cord is long enough to reach from the bottom of the pool all the way to the outlet. Then, place the submersible pump on the floor in the middle of the deep end. It is safer to avoid using an extension cord.

The pump will have a hose connected to it, so place the other end of the hose wherever you decide to drain the water. Again, make sure the hose is long enough to reach the desired area.

Step 2: Begin Draining Pool

Turn the pump on and begin the draining process. Stay in the area, constantly monitoring this process just in case any problems arise. You are there to protect against any potential house floods.

Step 3: Remove The Pump

At a certain point in the draining, the water level will be so low that the pump is no longer needed. This is completely normal, so turn off and remove the pump from the pool.

Step 4: Open Relief Valves

Ease the pressure of the underground water by opening the hydrostatic relief valves.

Step 5: Make Sure Pool Is Completely Drained

Make sure every drop of water is completely gone. Now is the time to proceed with any desired projects you may have planned, such as repairs or a full painting of the pool area.

Why Should I Drain My Pool?

A complete pool draining is only typically needed once every few years. However, there are certain situations that will call for a draining.

Resetting your water’s chemical balance is one reason why many homeowners choose to drain a pool. General pool maintenance could require a draining, as well. Tasks like cleaning metal stains, calcium deposits or even putting on a fresh layer of paint will make a draining necessary.

When Is The Best Time To Drain A Pool In Arizona?

The best times to drain your pool in Arizona are during the fall and winter months. These seasons will stretch from October 1st to February 28th.

It is not recommended to drain your pool during the hot Arizona summer months. Doing so during this season can create potential risks to your pool’s well being. So much heat without any moisture can make the pool floors crack.

Draining a pool during the summer can also hurt the desert environment. The drained water will evaporate quickly and not go to the lawn, plants or wildlife that desperately needs the nutrients.

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