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Acid Wash Pool Costs 2023

Acid washing a swimming pool typically costs between $525 and $1,775 on average, or $0.53 per square foot in the United States in 2023.

The cost of an acid wash for a swimming pool can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size of the pool, the extent of staining or discoloration, the geographic location, and the specific services offered by the pool maintenance or cleaning company. Here are some cost-related considerations for an acid pool wash:

  1. Size of the Pool: The primary factor that influences the cost of an acid wash is the size of the pool. Larger pools will typically require more acid and more labor, which can drive up the cost. Pool professionals often charge per square foot or per linear foot of the pool’s surface area.

  2. Severity of Staining: If your pool has heavy staining, algae growth, or other stubborn discolorations, it may require more extensive and time-consuming acid washing. This can increase the cost compared to a simple surface clean.

  3. Geographic Location: The cost of services, including acid pool washing, can vary significantly depending on your location. In areas with a high cost of living or where specialized services are in high demand, you can expect higher prices.

  4. Additional Services: Some pool maintenance companies may include acid washing as part of a comprehensive pool cleaning and maintenance package, while others may charge separately for this service. The overall cost can depend on what other services are included.

  5. Preparation and Cleanup: The process of acid washing involves draining the pool, applying the acid solution, scrubbing, and then neutralizing and disposing of the acid. The cost may include these preparation and cleanup steps.

  6. Repairs and Replastering: In some cases, acid washing can reveal the need for pool repairs or even re-plastering. These additional services will increase the overall cost.

  7. Frequency: Acid washing is not typically done as part of regular pool maintenance and is usually reserved for more severe cases of staining and discoloration. The frequency with which you require acid washing will affect the overall cost.

How Much Does A Pool Cleaning Service Cost?

The average pool service costs in the Phoenix, AZ area range from $85 to $125 per month. Typically, any pool owner can expect to pay around $105 per month for cleaning services. Use this post to help determine a budget for any upcoming pool services you may need in the future.

How Much Does Pool Service Cost in Phoenix Arizona

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