Why Is My Pool Green
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Pool Still Green After Shocking

Why Is My Pool Green

You’ve just shocked your pool but the water remains green. What causes this and what can you do to restore its bright blue color?

Chemical Composition Of A Clear Water Pool

Several factors go into making a pool appear clear and not cloudy. For example, pool experts suggest pH levels stay between 7.2-7.8 for everyday usage. Alkalinity is different than your pH levels, as it measures the water’s ability to resist change in pH. This makes it easier for both pH and chlorine ranges to stabilize.

If chlorine levels go unchecked for long periods of time, algae can take over. This will undoubtedly result in cloudy water. One last factor to keep in mind is calcium hardness. High calcium levels make it harder to dissolve calcium in the water. This could result in a clogged pool filter.

Why Is My Pool Still Green After Shocking It?

Whenever pool chemicals are not properly maintained, it’s easy for pH levels to get too high, ultimately leading to green water. If you have already shocked the pool and taken pH level samples, it is still possible to need to add phosphate removers or stabilizers. Stabilizers can steadily increase chlorine levels over time until the chemical is able to kill off any algae.

Phosphates will cause algae to grow in the pool and can be brought to the water through organic particles, such as bugs or leaves. Because the phosphate is fueling off the algae growth, a phosphate remover needs to be used to cut off food supply and stop the algae growth. 

Why Is My Pool Still Cloudy After Shocking It?

It is recommended to wait at least 18 hours after shocking the pool before determining the water’s clarity. If the pool water remains cloudy after a full 24 hours, you should consider adding a pool clarifier and utilizing the filter to remove any remaining settlements.

If the pool water remains cloudy, adding a clarifier is the best way to evaluate the pool’s filter and ensure it does not need to be replaced or that the filtration system needs maintenance.

How Much Shock Should I Add To The Pool?

Shocking a pool is essentially adding chlorine to make the pool water “super chlorinated.” For most residential pools, 10 gallons of liquid chlorine or 5 pounds of granular chlorine should be used to shock the pool. Check your manufacturer instructions to see if liquid or granular chlorine works best with your specific filter.

How Long Should I Use The Pump For?

Pool filters should be run continuously for 24 hours after shocking the pool to remove cloudiness. Since algae grows faster in warmer weather, a pump will need to run longer during summer months and shorter during winter months. Pool water should always be filtered, regardless of season.

The turnover rate is a measurement of how long it takes for the circulation system to move all the water through the filter equipment. These can be impacted by the pool size, as well as the gallons per minute rating of your pool’s pump. 

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