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Pool Timer Replacement

pool timer replacement

Do you sometimes wonder how some pools manage to look clear like glass? Undoubtedly, the credit cannot just go to the typical pool cleaning methods. The pool pump is the main equipment that promotes crystal clear pool water. Therefore, the pool pump makes the pool water suitable for people to swim in. The pool pump expedites the circulation of pool water in and out of the pool’s inlets and outlets. Thus pool water gets continually filtered and purified. Pool pumps are designed to run for a specific amount of time subject of varying factors. So, how much does it cost to install a pool pump timer?

Pool pumps

If not for the pool pump, the pool water would get stagnate and turn into a breeding ground for algae and can lead to mosquitoes. So, usually, your pool is not a pool if it doesn’t have a pool pump. If you are planning to construct a pool, you are going to end up spending around $700 to $1,500 when buying a pool pump. Presently, there is a wide array of pool pumps. All have unique configurations and function differently. Nevertheless, it would be a good idea that you purchase an energy-saving pool pump. Therefore, you are going to be able to decrease your electric bill. So, consider purchasing a solar energy pool pump and dual-speed pump.

Why a pool pump timer?

Furthermore, it is important to know the proper time for running your pool pump. On average, you should run your pool pump for around 6 to 8 hours a day. But this is subject to the capacity of the pool and how often the pool is used. For example, when having a commercial pool, you may have to leave your pump on for up to 12 hours. Utilize this tool for regulating the time the pump stays on. These pool pump timers automatically turn off the pump after the specified time. Don’t forget, when you’re leaving the pump on for longer periods, you are going to incur massive electricity expenses. Therefore, do your best for saving on energy when it comes down to operating your pool pump.

Cost to install a pool pump timer

The installation cost of a pool pump timer differs based on multiple factors. The cost is going to depend on the time and the pool contractor. However, on average, you are going to end up spending around $50. Additionally, note that there is a broad range of pool pump timers. Each differs in their costs. So, the installation cost of this tool is also dictated by the kind of pool pump timer. A lot of pool pump timers are as little as $13. Nevertheless, some cost up to $60.

Pool Maintenance In Gilbert, AZ

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